TET Estel is successfully working in cooperation with a number of Tallinn high schools as well as with leading universities in Estonia and abroad. Company is very active on scientific and production fields, participating in projects, seminars, conferences, including study and educational guides, manuals etc. writing and publishing. TET Estel professional are often publish their articles in special technical magazines and editions.

Always being in a front row of contemporary technical world, TET Estel is critical about fresh people and professionals. Therefore Company offers to prospective specialists an ability to perform theoretical and practical studies at company premises. To the best students Company offers a job position.

Practical studies

We offer extensive practical studies under high professional supervision. Anyone who would like to extend own professional skills or to apply existing experience is very welcomed to TET Estel. From high schools and Universities priority is given to students of the following specialities: electrotechnics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, economy and sales management.

We also call for technical schools specialists to maintain mechatronics, electrical works and equipment automatics.

Send us your CV along with cover letter to hr@tet-estel.com. Please specify your area of professional interests.

Open vacancies: