Equipment operation during the pandemic period

In 2019, TET Estel supplied 6 pieces of AC + DC Hybrid combined power units for the needs of Belgrade Airport.

This equipment creates complete autonomy and allows ground services to serve aircraft regardless of location and parking, both with alternating and direct current, from either a diesel generator or a 400-480V supply network. Due to its compactness and autonomy, this equipment can be transported between aircrafts and does not require electrical power for maintenance.

On 4 th April 2020, as part of humanitarian assistance in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, eleven planes were sent to Serbia, which delivered equipment for epidemiological diagnostics and disinfection, as well as virologists. All aircrafts during the operation were connected to the power units of TET Estel production. Despite the increased load, the equipment worked without a single problem.

Thus, TET Estel also managed to make its feasible contribution to the fight against COVID-19, receiving special thanks for this, positive feedback from its customers and the best advertising of the reliability and quality of TET Estel equipment.

The photo shows humanitarian aid to Serbia. Aircrafts are being powered by our equipment.

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